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Got inspired by niuniente ’s wonderful marine biology au to draw these lovable mermen, dancing. Makoto got curious about how humans appeared to play in a photobook that got lost in the depths of the ocean, and wanted to try it as well. They both found it quite enjoyable.

Hope I did them justice, the AU is so adorable, it makes me smile every time I go back to read about it. Thanks niuniente for creating it! <3


more from my super self indulgent manger!sousuke celebrity swimmer!rin AU~ i’d like to think sousuke can be a pretty manipulative manager (maybe even as much as nagisa) since rin can be really stubborn, he’s the only one that can actually handle rin eheheh

i want to try to aim for making a fanzine out of this AU! half will be things ive already posted/will post, half of it will be book-only content. (part comic/part illustration) i’m excited to draw more for it ovo

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Merman Sousuke is devastated to discover that Rin nearly drowned…

sweety by PIIIB [pixiv]

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MakoHaru Doujin - NSFW-ish… I think



Don’t touch me, I have the Freels.

High Speed! 2: Chapter 11 - Believe