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Why didn’t you ever call me during these five years? Did something happen in Australia? Your letters stopped coming after a while. I figured you must’ve hit a wall or something. That’s why I didn’t say anything when we met again. But now, I want to know what happened.

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some 69 mins


Preview for Episode 5 is up on the Iwatobi SC site!

Nagisa: Uh…I came to uh…see the Leo Meteor Shower!
Rei: What’s wrong? You seem to be spacing out…
Nagisa: Stuff like penguins…
Makoto: Ah, just as I expected Nagisa you’ll want to soak as well?
Nagisa: Then what does it mean to be a hunter?
Haru: Why did you choose Iwatobi?
Nagisa: But I’ve always wanted to travel around the world, so maybe I should travel outside~
Makoto: Poor Nagisa!
Nagisa: King Isa**~ doo doo doo~

**King Isa is a popular Japanese mascot


edit: i really hope no one zoomed in before


Soap bubble.

i hit a small art block and couldn’t create anything new, so i coloured something old.

Ah PS: I got a twitter now if anybody wants to hear me whine.


I think I’m getting the hang of photoshop now..   Print

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"Thanks, Sousuke."

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Anonymous asked:
ah hi! I currently have the newest version of os for the mac... and my haru shimeji won't open any more! Do you know how I could fix it??

if you check the reply i just answered someone about… 30 minutes ago on my blog there’s some fiddling with your security settings you have to do to make it work (:



tachibana from across the street is never helpful