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Rin made his way into the chemical store room of Iwatobi’s pool. If the chlorine mix was too high, the team wouldn’t be able to practice and that would give him all the advantage he needed to beat them. Feeling his way around the darkness his hand brushed up against something cool and metal before it slipped away from his fingers and landed with a loud clatter. 

"Just what are you doing in here Rin?" came a voice from behind him. Rin whirled around to see Makoto poised in the doorway, water bottle still in hand from practice. "If I didn’t know any better I’d have to say this is sabotage." The brunette made a step towards him.

"Back off!" shouted Rin. He was cornered against the pipes. Makoto had bent down to pick up the object that had given him away: a shovel. He began reaching for anything he could find to defend himself with. The familiar grip of a handle found its way into his palm.

"Too late pretty boy," he hissed, twisting it fully and making a dash for the door.

Noxious chemical fumes filled the room, leaving Makoto gasping for breath as Rin sprinted out onto the pool deck with the wave of gas right behind him. 


Makoto had fallen to his knees, held up only by his hold on the shovel’s handle. His head felt woozy, everything around him surrounded by a haze. With effort he splashed some water in his face. The action helped to wake him a little.

"Thanks old friend," he mumbled. He felt almost… affectionate towards the two objects in his hands. If it wasn’t for them he’d probably be passed out on the floor already.

Another wave of dizziness wash over him as he keeled over, gripping the shovel tightly in both hands. The wooden shaft was warm in his hands. Without thinking, he began to stroke it, slowly at first, then faster and faster until his palms were running up and down its length, the sensation of the woodgrain against his skin causing a little moan to escape his lips.

His throat began to hurt. Where was his water? A slow glance up from his task found it only a few inches in front of his face. Still moaning and weak, Makoto wormed his way closer, tongue extended until it touched the lip of the bottle. Hands still occupied, he rocked it back and forth with his mouth until it toppled against his parched lips. Lying in the dark of the room, he sipped in between moans as he continued to stroke the shovel.


"Do you think he’s okay?"

"He’ll be fine after he’s had a bit of fresh air. In the meantime, we may as well… leave him be with what he’s doing. Haruka will catch Rin and then we can settle all this. Don’t fret."

Despite Rei’s words, Nagisa looked over worriedly as Makoto lay at their feet. The two of them had dragged him out of the chemical store room after hearing the commotion between him and Rin. He let out a cough. The chlorine vapours of the room were starting to get to him, but he doubted it was anywhere near as serious.

"Let’s just get comfy and wait," suggested Rei. "You keep an eye on Makoto, I’m grabbing my backpack so I can phone the authorities about this. Put your jacket on before you get cold."  And with that, he left for the change room, leaving Nagisa alone on the pool deck with Makoto.

He began to shiver, head fogging slightly. Rei was right, he’d feel better with a jacket. He walked over to the bleachers and picked up his favourite yellow hoodie. It had been with him for years and he’d never had the heart to part with it. 

Raising it to his nose he sniffed the familiar fabric. The comforting aroma of laundry, tea, and chlorine filled his nostrils. This hoodie had been with him through so much.

"I love you too much to ever get rid of you," Nagisa whispered. He bit into the fabric of the collar where he’d spilled hot chocolate last week and swore he could still taste it. "We’ll be together forever."

With that he began to slip into the jacket, the fabric sliding sensually against his skin as it slowly enveloped him in it’s warm embrace. He sighed contentedly and returned to senpai’s side, rubbing the material of the sleeves against his arms as he sunk into the wall to wait.


Rei stumbled into the locker room. His head had begun to swim but he forced himself to fight off the threatening blackness as he made his way over to his bag.

Groping around inside his hand brushed up against a small hard object. Drawing it out, he realized it wasn’t his phone, but a box of pocky. With a slight chuckle to himself he tore open the pack and took out a stick before returning to his search. His fingers found the spine of his book. The cliffhanger ending he was in the middle of bubbled forward in him mind. He was so desperate to finish it.

"You always know just what I want, don’t you?" 

He continued to explore the nooks and crannies of the bag, fingers delving into corners previously unexplored by other wandering hands. Again and again the bag returned things he wanted, but not what he was looking for. It was alright with Rei. Haruka would catch Rin no problem. Pushing his worries aside, he returned to hunting for what other pleasures his backpack would give him.


Rei had been right in assuming Haruka would be able to track down Rin. The black haired captain was dragging the boy back to the pool deck, the redhead’s arm twisted behind him as Haruka dragged him along.

"You’re going to pay for this Rin. This time you’ve gone too far."

"Oh come on Haru-chan," smirked Rin, "what on earth are you able to do to me? Beat me in a race? Oh wait, I’m already better at you in that."

The only response he got was a rolling of his rival’s blue eyes. If he was going to distract him enough to slip away again, he’d have to do something a little more unnerving. Although pinned against his side, the arm holding his goggles was still movable.

"Oh," he breathed, turning his head to gaze more intently at Haruka. "That’s not what you want. Perhaps,something else a little more… pleasurable." With that he brought his goggles to his lips. Expertly, he began to trace the rims of the lenses, tongue sliding across the smooth plastic and leaving a moist trail of saliva in its wake. "I bet its this you’re looking for."

Haruka gave an obvious look of disgust, throwing Rin forward onto the floor. It looked as though his plot had worked, albeit a little more sexual then he’d considered in the first place. It wasn’t until he tore his eyes off of the captain that he realized they’d already reached the pool.


Rin looked around. Scattered about the pool were the other members of the Iwatobi swim team, lost in their own little worlds. The blonde was slumped against a wall, letting out little gasps as he rubbed the fabric of a sweater against his face. The new kid was rummaging around in his backpack with a little too happy of an expression on his face. And as for Makoto, well Makoto was curled up on the ground seemingly giving and hand job to a shovel and a blow job to a water bottle simultaneously.

"You guys are not about to start making out with inanimate objects," ordered Haruka. "If you’re going to do anything with something, it had better be a human, otherwise it’s just plain disgusting!"

The three boys looked up from what they were doing, all eying Haruka with the same wide eyed look. Their captain backed up slowly. “What are you three staring at?”

Slowly they rose to their feet, starting to make their way towards the black haired boy. It was then that Rin finally caught on to what they were thinking. Reaching out a leg, he tripped Haruka, pinning him down before the boy managed to run away.

"Well," he chuckled. "You did say you wanted them doing it with a person."

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